Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Gold on Gold Stripes

Sometimes it seems like manicure fails are the story of my life... I picked up this gold-flecked black Maybelline Color Show that looked so pretty in the bottle. On the nail, it was tragically disappointing. It went on poorly and messily, and just wouldn't look smooth. I had also grabbed one of the Essence Ready for Boarding collection, Via Airmail!, so I jazzed it up a bit with an accent nail of that. It was a lovely, bright, basic blue creme - exactly the sort of thing that I love.

Of course, that didn't quite do it for me. To bring things together, I decided a healthy helping of gold was in order. I liked the boldness of these stripes, and they were terribly easy to do - I just chose one polish with a wide brush, and one with a thin one. The first stripe was Jade Mystic Gold, and then a coat of China Glaze Blonde Bombshell down the middle of that.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Fangs and Blood Nail Art

For my actual Hallowe'en nails, I wanted something a bit scarier! I really like this sort of cartoon-aesthetic nail art, and was especially inspired by this manicure for the general idea, and by this video tutorial for the style of the fangs.

And that's it for that holiday! Can I start posting Christmas nails now?

Monday, 5 November 2012

Candy Corn Nail Art

I've actually never eaten candy corn in my life - when I showed my mother this manicure, she didn't even know what candy corn was. So, I think it just isn't really a thing where I'm from. But I was seeing so many lovely candy corn gradients going around this Hallowe'en season, I had to make one happen.

I did a sponge gradient with white, orange, and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lightening for the yellow. For the accent nail, I followed this tutorial for mini-candy corns.

Unfortunately, my topcoat caused this to bubble horrifically, adding some unattractive... brown polka dots? That's what it looked like, the bubble were so deep. So the next day, I added glitter! Polish, Eh?!? Lil' Monsters upped the Hallowe'en factor, and the sparkle. I really love this glitter combination.

I know it's past Halloween, but I have one more to show you after this - think of it as inspiration for next year!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween Skittles Nail Art

My first manicure of the Halloween season was an opportunity to experiment, and try out every Halloween design that had caught my eye! These Halloween skittles were lots of fun to try out, and were helpful in deciding which designs to employ in full in the run-up to everyone's favourite holiday!

For the mummy nail, I looked up some examples and kind of... guessed at the technique. If I were doing it again, I think I'd use something like this mummy design as my model, more criss-crossing would have improved my attempt! My Jack-O-Lantern nail was on a base of China Glaze Riveting, much like Sincerely Stephanie's. The fangs were inspired (sort-of) by this video, and the eyeball was a blatant rip-off of these gorgeous nails.

Happy Halloween!

No Promises

I've been missing for awhile. It's really tempting to apologize and promise I won't let it happen again, but that's just unrealistic, and possibly sort of vain; I don't think that all of you have been waiting desperately for me to post again, but perhaps one or two of you miss seeing my designs a little bit :). The thing is, I'm a grad student, and that reallyreally has to come first; I started blogging because I already loved doing nail art, and wanted to be able to share it with people (other than the people I see through the week, and my parents - who I harass with frequent picture-texts!), but the perfectionist in me got carried away! The way I was blogging took too much time, and was unsustainable once classes started again. I read and heard so much great advice on how to build your blog and readership, but I can't afford for that to be my focus right now!

So I've taken a solid look at my priorities, and my big one? Sharing. My picture quality might not always be awesome, the work might not be perfect, and the posts may be irregular, but I have to let some of that slide so that I can still share something in this very-demanding time. So I hope you'll stick around and check it out - occasionally! I can't promise you anything, but I am still doing my nails, and I'd love to show you my sketchy, unedited iPhone pictures, if nothing else!

Stay tuned :).

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Girly Girl Challenge Day One

To kick-start a new school year and new blogging schedule, I've decided to participate in a new challenge! This one, with a "Girly girl" theme, will certainly be a challenge for me - my tastes in bail polish don't run so much to the "girly" end of things. Stepping outside one's comfort zone is generally worthwhile, though! So here we are.

This first day required the use of pink, and knowing I would be wearing this on my birthday, I chose to combine the deliciously pink and sparkly Claire's Candy Shop with accents of birthday cupcakes, made with various colours on a background of Zoya Wednesday.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

KBShimmer Radioactive

Summer is coming to an abrupt end, and lovely fall polishes surround us, but I'm not ready to let go of my neons just yet.

I'd been coveting KBShimmer's Neon Collection for what felt like a lifetime, and just recently I finally got my hands on my first one. This extraordinarily bright green, the appropriately named KBShimmer Radioactive, is really amazing. It glows in the dark, okay?!

It was also so very bright that it was unusually difficult to photograph. I've tweaked this photo quite a bit to give a better approximation of the actual shade, but it's very hard to reproduce. Trust me, it is made of awesome. This glow-y, neon green has variously shaped and sized black glitters - squares, hexes, bars, shards - swimming around in it, enough to add contrast and interest, without detracting from the effect. I used three coats to make sure there were no patchy bits, and the jelly-ish consistency of the polish held the glitter in an interesting suspension throughout.

Outside the States, you can buy KBShimmer from Harlow & Co.! I definitely would like to pick up more of the Neons at some point! Are you through with neons for the year, yet?