Monday, 16 April 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 1: Red Nails (& Joe Fresh Apple Swatch & Review)

The challenge begins! Today's nail art theme is "red," so I both tried out a new red polish and did some fruity nail art on top.

Joe Fresh, for the non-Canadians, is a clothing/retail brand owned by a grocery store. Which sounds lame, but they usually have cute things at low prices - our own Target of sorts. The other day I wandered into the Joe Fresh store on Queen West for the first time, and saw that they also have nail polish! And they were in these cute, squat little round bottles - and were 3 for $10! ALL over it.

In typical conversations-collectors-have-with-themselves fashion, I'd been thinking I didn't have enough red nail polishes, and the ones that I do have are quite vampy, so when I saw Apple, the choice was obvious. But I didn't realize how delightful this little thing was going to be.

Joe Fresh Apple
It turned out to be a gorgeous red jelly - with a nice, fat brush that is easy to manoeuvre. The cap is a little bit on the short side, but it is still quite easy to control. And the polish was so much nicer to apply, and in its texture, than I was expecting!

Joe Fresh Apple, three coats & no topcoat.
Here's a photo of it at three coats without topcoat - pretty much opaque, and so cheerful and squishy. It's a red that doesn't seem to be trying for sexy, which is rare - it is just pretty.

Then for the art! I immediately thought of Julep's NOTD strawberry nail art tutorial, and I gave that a shot for the first time. As this whole thing is a learning process, I definitely learned things along the way!

I did the left hand first, and you can tell:
The "leaves" are pretty big, and so are the seeds. And a bit too varied. I kept trying to use my black (Wet n' Wild Black Creme) after the dot I'd made on my palette was too dry. And I was pressing too hard with the dotter.

For my right hand, I used a smaller nail art brush to apply the leaves, which were made with Julep Leah, and I concentrated more when it came to the dots! See:
I'm very pleased overall, though. It wouldn't be worth it if everything came out perfect on the first try, right? And there we have my first effort for the Nail Art Challenge: Red Nails!

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