Friday, 27 April 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 12: Nautical Stripes

For stripes, I have a special treat: my grandmother! She said that this was only the second time she'd gotten a manicure, and refused at first - insisting that her nails were too ugly and I couldn't make them pretty. I took this as a challenge! She changed her tune when I was finished with these - she loves stripes and apparently has a pair of shoes that will match these nails perfectly!

I used a base of CND Brilliant White, then taped off the stripes with striping tape and painted Essie No More Film on top - which came out a lot more navy than the dark "blurple" it looks in the bottle!It was great for this, though, since Nanny hates purple! And flowers. Dooon't even suggest flowers! haha.

Welcome to internet fame, Nanny! You're a hand model, now.


  1. Love the stripes! Your grandma is rocking a pretty awesome mani! :)

  2. that is so sweet. you did a great job

  3. You did a great job - your grandma's hands look fabulous! You'll have to get her to model them for you again :)


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