Thursday, 19 April 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 4: Green = Guest Nails!

Today I have some guest-nails for you! To give mine a break (and so I could wear my Warhol manicure out today), J.'s hands have stepped in for green.

Having already done golf nails recently, that obvious choice was out... but other sports happen on the grass! Or on green surfaces... sports like tennis. The traditional hardcourt is green, and there are always grass courts like Wimbledon.


And so...
Featuring Orly Lucky Duck as the court surface, stamped with the net in Konad Special White with Konad plate m57. The tennis ball accent nail is a result of layering Kleancolor Melon Green with Kleancolor Neon Yellow, with more Melon Green on top and a touch of Konad White.
Aren't his fingers pretty? 1/10 hand substitutes allowed in the challenge!

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