Friday, 20 April 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 5: Blue Like The Sea

Okay, obviously the sky is blue. But I've recently done sky/cloud nails! So the next most obvious thing is the one the sky makes blue (except it turns out that might not be true... second grade science class was so misleading...). Ocean tiiime.

I wanted to try needle marbling, because I thought it might enable me to do some abstract swirly thing. But that didn't really work the way I'd envisioned it, so it became an abstract splattery thing! I actually like the results. They have kind of a Rainbow Fish vibe.

So using a good quarter of my blue collection and a needle:

I came up with this:

 I used Kleancolor Neon Aqua as a base, doing the second (thick) coat one nail at a time so it would drag into the dotted colours with the needle more easily.

The dark blue shade is by Essie, but she has lost her nametag! I don't think it is Mesmerize, as it looks more dusty than the photos I've found online, but I can't figure out the name. Can anyone help identify this one?

The light blue was H&M Deep Sea, and the shiny one is Sinful Colors Aqua. The nail polishes knew I was going for an ocean vibe!

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