Sunday, 15 April 2012

American Apparel The Valley Swatch and Review

My very first American Apparel polish! After reading so much about the killer formula, and seeing the great collection of creme colours, I'd been looking forward to buying some of these for awhile.

In direct sun, pretty true-to-colour.
This is American Apparel The Valley, a lovely and rich turquoise creme. I loved this colour so much that I wore it on its own for a whole day, and got complimented on it by strangers. I'm not that good with simple, though, so the next day I amped it up a bit... images forthcoming.

Less direct sunlight, it looked more blue than this in real life.

It was pretty easy to work with, totally opaque in two coats. The formula was sort of bizarre, though - very different from most other polishes. Rather than that usual smooth texture, this one had a sort of house-paint effect going on. But in a good way! It just took a few minutes to adjust to, but it was really quite lovely.

The stick bit of the brush is a bit long, since these bottles are so big, but as long as you wipe it off a bit on the way out of the bottle to make sure it doesn't drip everywhere, it is quite easy to control. Really a gorgeous polish all around, and I love this sort of colour!

And I have two more AA polishes to try out sometime soon. Those colours are a bit more unusual for me, but if they're anything like this one, we are bound to get along.

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