Sunday, 8 April 2012

My Stubs

The manicures I've been/will be posting are not in chronological order, so it may seem like my nail length is quite varied. However, I've had fairly long nails for awhile now, with pretty good luck - until this past Sunday. The universe was playing April Fool's on me or something, because I broke TWO nails - one on each hand! - in the span of an hour. I was, possibly, too sad about this, but now I have these tiny little nails that are hard to fit art on.

To comfort myself, I went with a dark colour that was bound to look great on short, square nails, a colour I hadn't even worn before!

The picture isn't great, possibly reflecting my frustration with this polish. It is Orly Stone Cold, very lovely in the bottle, easy to apply (like any Orly polish!), but it had a very strange texture when it dried. It kept peeling up at the edges, and I had tipwear and tiny chips within hours. What survived that time period, though, looked good two days later, so I think it might just be sensitive? (Oh good, now I'm ascribing feelings to the nail polish!)

It looked alright after two coats, but had a lot of VNL (Visible Nail Line), so I added a third. Then, I thought it might be a great opportunity to try out China Glaze Luxe and Lush from the Hunger Games Capitol Colors Collection. Not sure how I feel about these two polishes layered. Stone Cold is an interesting, shimmery colour, and Luxe and Lush is odd in a pretty way (and I've certainly seen it looking a lot better!), but they just don't look good together, to my eye. I don't precisely like it, and I can't really say why. What do you folks think? Do you like these together? Why or why not?

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