Saturday, 5 May 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 20: Water-Marble (+ Nail-Venturous Sunny Floam Swatch & Review)

I've done a few full water-marbles now, but for this one I was inspired by the recent, very exciting, acquisition of Nail-Venturous Sunny Floam! I finally got one of her polishes! (And Humble Bee, and now I have Floam on its way to me, too!) This is an incredible little bottle of brilliant substance, and I thought it would lend itself very nicely to a water-marble accent nail to bring out its neon colours.
Bottle shot!
 Seriously, this stuff is insane. It comes out on the brush like it is a solid polish, but it is made up of unbelievably tiny matte neon blue and yellow glitters. That apply amazingly well. And look incredible. This only makes me look forward to the famous Floam even further.

And a close-up of it on. This is three coats, over a clear base coat. As you can see, the coverage at three coats is perfect - you could probably get away with two, with some easy touch-ups. This dries impressively fast! And the look pre-top coat wasn't unpleasant; bumpy, not jagged. It had a texture, and one coat of Seche Vite smoothed it sufficiently for me. It still isn't perfectly flat to the touch, but looks great!
 A water-marble accent to bring out the yellow and blue seemed perfect. I experimented with a few different polishes before landing on American Apparel Sunshine State and OPI Fly. Over a couple coats of CND Brilliant White, I was quite pleased with the combined effect.

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