Monday, 7 May 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 22: Inspired By A Song - Tiny Dancer

This song has been coming up a lot lately - it is one I associate with good friends that I miss dearly, and a pretty fun time in our lives. My friend Emma was what I would call, in all fairness, obsessed with this song and, in particular, it's appearance in Almost Famous. She sang and made us listen to Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" constantly - which aside from being a wonderful song, has some great images in the lyrics which lend themselves to nail art!

 I chose the "ballerina," "blue jean baby," and "piano man" lines to depict on my nails.

My index and middle fingers became ballet slippers with Essie Eternal Optimist, the curve guided by hole reinforcement stickers and the straps freehanded. My ring finger was the front pocket on a pair of jeans, accomplished with Essie unidentified-dark-blue painted on the taped off portion, then sponged with a combination of it and Essie Borrowed & Blue. I outlined the seams with those two polishes, then used a yellow-brown blend to make the studs and some stitching. Finally, I painted a
piano keyboard with black acrylic paint on a base of CND Brilliant White.

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  1. ie, you were inspired. That is true art. Absolutely love it. Should email them to Elton John.


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