Thursday, 10 May 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 25: Inspired by Fashion

This one was difficult, seeing as I'm not really attentive to "fashion" - at all. Years ago, when I was young... I used to read fashion magazines, but that became both expensive and irrelevant as my life became busier and more grown-up-like. I only really care about shoes, bags, and nail polish at this point, so I thought about attempting a Chanel-style quilting, and had some vague idea about various gem-encrusted shoes, but when I went searching for concrete inspiration nothing jumped out at me.

I do, though, love geometric prints, in dresses and more, and rarely convince myself to buy them. So I went looking for one to put on my nails, and found the adorable Joia dress from Igigi. It seems that they no longer carry it, but they have lots of other pretty things that I aim to buy one day.

And here it is in nail art form:
 On a base of OPI Alpine Snow, I painted some random lines - in the style of those on the dress - with black acrylic paint, then filled some of the spaces in with Joe Fresh Fog, as well as two of the colours from this month's Julep Maven "It Girl" box, Nessa and Ashley. The two Julep polishes have a cool sort-of shimmery/metallic finish, that I look forward to playing with further. Unfortunately, the brushes on these two are kind of screwy, and look like they will be difficult to work with, but I can't say for sure as I haven't actually used them yet.


  1. this nail art is really nice!! You recreated the print perfectly!!!!


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