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Layla Flash Black Swatch and Review (and Harlow & Co. Review)

Herein I will tell you a lengthy tail, one of lemmings, holos, and Canadian e-tailers, a joyous story that ends in a self-imposed no-buy and lots of pretty pictures...

Being fairly new to the nail blogging world, I am also fairly new to the experience of the "lemming". "Lemming," for the uninitiated among you, refers to the consuming, desperate desire to own and have and wear a particular nail polish. You are both "lemming" the polish, and the polish is a "lemming" of yours. Maybe silly, but it is much simpler than explaining how baaaadly you want the pretty thing.

My first was Nail-Venturous Floam, which I just recently acquired, as well as some other NVL polishes. But then all the Layla Hologram Effect swatches started to hit the interwebs, and I just. about. died. I've never even had a holo before, and then there were these... apparitions? ... and I could figure out how I could get them in Canada. And then, some ridiculous blind spot in my brain lifted, and I looked into this "Harlow & Co." everyone was talking about, and discovered they were a Canadian company! If I were the praying sort, then I might say someone had been answering them. And shipping was reasonable, or free if you spent $50! (First hint at the aforementioned no-buy that resulted...)

So, I mean, I had to support a fellow Canadian and buy all the things, right? Right? And being in my very same province, Harlow & Co.'s nail mail came just days later. Observe: (cont. after the break, pic HEAVY)

My full Harlow & Co. haul, featuring my first Glitter Gal, my first Ozotic, and my two Layla Hologram Effect lemmings. Once I started with the holos, I just couldn't stop!
I ended up with four beautiful polishes which I will show you sooon, after the almost-complete 31 Day Challenge is over, but for now we have Layla Flash Black.

Layla Flash Black, and the means by which it came to me - Harlow & Co.!
 For more info on the accent nail design, check out my previous post on "Inspired by a Flag." But for now, looook at the pretty raaaaiiinbooowwws.

Under artifical light, in my lightbox.
Artificial light.
Close-up in artificial light.
In sunshine, with my iPhone's camera.
iPhone, sunlight.
Being the first holo I've ever worn, I read around on other blogs and learned that I shouldn't use base coat, and that I should buff the nail bed as these things will show all the flaws. I don't normally buff as I have very weak nails, but I did so gently today, and the flaw-showing assessment was right. All the weird things my nails do were exposed by this polish, but then it distracted you by TURNING INTO RAINBOWS so it didn't really matter!

Application was a bit tricky, as it definitely tended toward leaving bald spots. I let it dry totally (which didn't take long) between coats, and ended up kind of placing a blob and then shoving it around, sort of like with difficult glitters. But the brush and polish combined were very easy to control, and only went where I put them - just getting the polish to stay there was the trick.

I did three coats, and the reviews I've been reading about brutal tipwear and chips? Also very accurate. Within mere hours I needed to do touch-ups before I could photograph. Of course, this is without top coat, as they can "kill" the holo. I've heard the Laylas survive pretty well, but as I have to remove this tomorrow for the 31 Day Challenge anyway, I figured I'd try that out for myself next time.

Wears quickly? Yeah. Tricky application? Pretty much. Worth it? A WORLD of yes! If I hadn't spent so much money on my recent lemmings that I put myself on a reactionary month-long diet of not buying nail polish, I'd be buying all the other Layla holos right. freaking. now. But I'm a grown-up, and I have willpower...

For 24 more days, anyway! ;)

P.S. I will definitely be ordering from Harlow & Co. in future! Local, great selection, awesome customer service - and as crazy as this might sound, had nothing to do with this review. I am just naturally this excited about this business! I'm deranged, I know.

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