Sunday, 27 May 2012

Mistakes Were Made...

In the spirit of the classic "non-apology" phrase - in which no one admits to being at fault, but it is acknowledged that there was maybe some fault by someone somewhere - I have a couple manis from the archives that weren't complete fails, but are far from perfect. I took the plunge today and finally tried out my Gelish stuff, so I'll have photos and thoughts on that process for you soon. But for now, a few results that just weren't quite right.

I've mentioned before my love for the green and pink as a combo - it's just so fun in that throwback-preppy way. Like ribbon belts and polo shirts and that ill-advised period in my youth when I tried to rock that look... Anyway, when I got Julep Leah in the mail, I was definitely intrigued to try out such a springy-green polish. On the nail, however, I was not thrilled with it, and thought it needed more (I'm my mother's daughter... haha. Love you, mom!). I had a bright pink striper, and hadn't made much use of freehand stripes. Well, there's a reason:

... I kind of suck at freehanding stripes. Also, the pink on top of the green came out RED. And while Christmas in the spring is, er, festive... not really what I was going for.

  Essie Sexy Divide and Essie Trophy Wife are both gorgeous and shimmery in the bottle. I really like Trophy Wife on, too, and purple and green is another colour combination I am fond of. So of course, I couldn't just leave Trophy Wife, I decided it needed chevron-French tips in Sexy Divide, which turned out to just be too dark and depressing together. My solution was adding rhinestones - if all else fails, add bling, right?

But that just kind of made the tips look wonky. Oops!

I adore basically everything that Nailside does, especially her tape manis. So when this vampy red wasn't thrilling me, I taped off some triangle-tips and added Revlon Silver Screen.

Hot pink and black. Another great combo, right? And a throwback to the more punk-rock period of my youth. China Glaze Laced Up with an Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme accent nail unfortunately came out looking sort of mismatched. So rhinestones, right? Yeah, that didn't really help, either.

Is the moral here not to add more when your nails are boring? Definitely not. I will always advocate for a reasonable level of overcompensating. But restraint doesn't hurt, sometimes... and if you just keep trying, odds are you'll eventually add something that will make it look right! Right?! ... I hope.


  1. Can't wait to hear about the Gelish stuff. These are not even bad in the least. I could show you some serious fails.

    1. I kind of think that "fails" are just as helpful to see when accompanied by analysis of WHY they failed - which might be the case with the aforementioned first Gelish attempt lol. It's all about trial and error, right? And sometimes that second one is just bound to happen!

  2. love the pink and black combo!


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