Sunday, 20 May 2012

Nail-Venturous Floam Swatch & Review

Floam. Not just that weirdly-textured stuff that I associate with a more Spice Girl-y time in my life, but one of the most sought-after indie polishes out there. With the amazing technical assistance of the ever-awesome JPow, I finally managed to get my hands on some at Ninja Polish's restock last month, even though I was on a long car trip and couldn't get the site to agree with me on my iPhone. I ended up with three bottles, as I knew this was one that I would need a backup of, and I wanted to give one away.

When I finally got a chance to try the stuff out after the 31 Day Challenge ended, I wanted to do something more exciting than just put it over a nice green base. Note to self: Don't try to be more exciting. Green is a standard base colour for Floam because it. looks. good. But no, I thought that since pink and green go well together in real life, that I should put Floam on top of Kleancolor Neon Pink. It definitely had its pros and cons as a combo.

Pro: cool bits of pink peeking through; that the undersides looked pink and then all of a sudden FLOAM. Con: the bloody-cuticles effect as I couldn't get the rather-thick Floam to line up exactly with the base colour.

Floam, just like the other two Nail-Venturous polishes I own, is amazingly cool and unique and easy to work with. It is thick but smooth and gets awesome coverage. I don't even understand how all that glitter remains perfectly and evenly suspended in the clear base, but whatever; maybe it is matte-glitter-magic. I just know I like it. Next time, though, I'll probably try it over Orly Lucky Duck, or Julep Leah, like I was planning.

Look at all those tiny tiny glitters!
I've noticed people often noting that as Floam is pure glitter, it takes a looot of top coat. As a counterpoint, I wore it with just one coat of Seche Vite - yeah, it isn't perfectly smooth, but the awesome particle-y texture is part of why this stuff is so bizarre and gorgeous. You can run your other fingers over it, and the glitters are so small that they lay flat, but you still feel something. I think it's neat, and I don't even like "traditional glitter". But I love Floam! And it has given me an opportunity to practice removing with the Foil Method, I suppose! lol.

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