Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Polka-Dots Through Time

Today I have some oldies - from the archives, back in the B.B.E. (Before Blog Era). Some of my first forays into nail art were due to my love for polka dots, and they have been a recurring theme for me. Good polka dots are a key tool in a nail artist's arsenal. I'll have some new things for you soon, but hopefully these will amuse you and give you an idea of the progress I've made in many areas since I started The Blog.


I'm not quite sure what red this is, I believe it is an OPI, but look at those baby nails! And I hadn't yet figured out how that the dots should follow a pattern, let alone how to make them the same size lol.

I believe the base colour here is that Essie dark blue that no longer has its name-sticker. But progress! The dots are in an approximate pattern, and mostly of a uniform size.


And by now I even had my first dotting tool! I painted my sister's friend Erin's nails with OPI You Don't Know Jacques, dotting with Essie Eternal Optimist, and the reverse on the accent nail. My technique was better, but my photo quality wasn't quite there - though to be fair, we were in a bar...

Much denser polka dot! I believe the green was OPI Mermaid Tears and the purple China Glaze Spontaneous, but I might be mistaken. By this point I was experimenting a bit beyond the basic polka dot pattern!

Just a brief trip down memory lane - I still have some "archived" nail art to show you all, so this may be a recurring feature. But I have NEW things to create tomorrow!

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