Monday, 4 June 2012

American Apparel Water Marble

Tonight I have the last full water marble that I did - and it was a little while ago, considering how long these things take me! Every time is a learning experience and a test of patience, as every time something goes a little bit wrong. But the effect is just too cool to give up on completely!

On a base of American Apparel The Valley, I marbled with it and American Apparel Raccoon. I wanted to do an accent with pink and brown, but I tried about four before I could get one to spread properly in the water, and I can't recall which one it was that ultimately worked. First mistake? When the first dip came out looking funny, I decided to just go for a do-over without removing anything! And that might be why it looks sort of lumpy haha.

The other hand went a bit better in some ways! The turquoise and the brown blended together a bit in certain areas, giving the whole thing a sort of mint-chocolatey effect. Which looks neat, but was an unfortunate association for me; I hatehatehate mint chocolate. That stuff is disgusting and a bizarre and horrific combination! If The Valley were the slightest bit more mint-green, I don't think I could have handled it.

... maybe a slightly overzealous response, but I've had too many horrible surprises when I've been happily eating a chocolate or mint, then discovered that there is one of the other hiding in the middle! It is much like that feeling when your water marble goes hideously wrong in the middle...

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