Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Just A Small Haul Post

A "haul," for the uninitiated, is really just some nail polish one has purchased. A "haul post" features photos of said purchases! And I found some good deals lately, so I thought I should share them with you!
L-R: OPI My Pointe Exactly, Care To Danse?, Don't Touch My Tutu, and Pirouette My Whistle; Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Rockstar Pink and Violet Voltage.
I found this set of some of the OPI NYC Ballet collection at Winner's for $12.99! As I am not generally into sheers, this was a great way for me to try out some of these (and stock up for jelly sandwiches!) without having to commit to full size bottles. Problem, though: the glitter topcoat, Pirouette My Whistle, is gorgeous! Now I want a bigger one...

And those two pretty Sally Hansen's were on 2 for $5 at Shopper's last week! With a regular price of $4.49, one of them was only .50 cents. I've already swatched Violet Voltage (on the right) and it is as lovely as it looks; you'll see it soon.


  1. Nice colours, I'm especially interested in the OPI Pirouette My Whistle :)

  2. I'm waiting for My Pointe Exactly to arrive in the mail. I'm just now starting to appreciate jellies and their squishy deliciousness and the pale, greyed out blue of MPE is just, guh! I can't wait! I'm not exactly sure, but I think SH may have reformulated Rockstar Pink. It looks to have more of the magenta glitter in it now than the bottle I bought a year ago or so. Reminds me more of Hard Candy's Zombie.


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