Monday, 11 June 2012

Sally Hansen Violet Voltage Swatch & Simple Nail Art!

From my recent haul post, I have a swatch for you of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Violet Voltage. A simple yet pretty purple, with a subtle pink-ish flash to make it more interesting, this one had a really easy formula to go along with it. Good coverage, easy to control - and I was totally satisfied with the brush and it's useability, and this is the first polish I've bought from this line.

See? Nothing mind-blowing, but easy and pretty. This type of colour is one that I very much like.

But then I wanted to make it more exciting! But without much work or creativity... so I got out my dotting tool, of course. I know that I do polka dots allll the time, so I tried something a little different.

I used various sizes of dotting tool, starting with the largest, and made one dot with Essie Sure Shot. I fanned out from there with progressively smaller dots for a sort of "starburst" effect that was not entirely successful...  So I added Essence Space Queen, hoping some tiny, multi-coloured glitter might have a positive effect here. It was sort of pretty, but still not my favourite. I think that Space Queen would be perfect for a glitter top on galaxy nails, though! And for $1.49... I'm so glad we can get these awesome little polishes here in Canada now!


  1. Such a pretty purple color!

    1. I know! Purple is my favourite, in real life if not always in polishes!


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