Monday, 25 June 2012

Some Recent Nail Mail

I've always loved getting packages in the mail - it always feels like getting presents, even when I bought it myself! Well, one of the packages I'm showing you here actually WAS a gift, and the other two are beautiful indie polish purchases, so they make up for it that way.

Awhile back, I entered my Great Wave nails in a nail art contest run by Manicured Mommas on Facebook, and I was the international winner! This is the lovely prize that they sent me.

A couple nail files, decorative French tip stickers, some floral nail stickers, and adorable green flower-shaped glitter pieces.

I also received my first order from Pretty & Polished. I'd wanted Jawbreaker for ages, and it does not disappoint! I also made my first foray into the black and white glitter craze with Valentino - and I'll be showing you both of these polishes on the nail very soon.

And something I'm very excited about - my first KBShimmers. I know, I know, I've claimed not to like glitters much in the past - but I'm starting to make some exceptions, especially for ones in coloured (jelly or otherwise) bases! Many of her polishes are on my wishlist, but these are the two I chose from Harlow & Co.'s first stock (click on over, there are still a few colours left!). I can't wait until she gets the Neon Collection in! I ordered these on Wednesday at 10pm, and they arrived on Friday - amazing! I'm so glad to live only a few hours away from an e-store that carries such beautiful polishes.

KBShimmer The Square and Vegas Bomb

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