Saturday, 28 July 2012

Braided Nails with Zoya Wednesday

Braided nails have been popping up all over the place lately! And I gave it a shot just last week, with the help of this tutorial from Lucy's Stash. Unfortunately, I would call this a bit of a fail on my part - I took it off a few hours later (and replaced it with something much better, I think, which will be appearing here soon). Now I know what not to do, though, and I think I'll try this look again - and I expect that it will go much better!

The base colour is Zoya Wednesday, and for the braided accent I added in OPI Planks A Lot and Revlon Silver Screen.

Have you tried braided nails? Did they go better than mine?

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Guest Post at Geeky Owl

Happy Wednesday! You should go check out my guest post at the Geeky Owl. Brightly coloured fishtail nails? With PICTURES and background info? You know you want to see! So click on over there!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Summer Holographic Fun with Ludurana and Ozotic

Some foreign polishes for you today! Holos have been really exciting me this summer. They are fun to watch and "play" with in the sunshine, and cheaper than jewelry and diamonds, right?

First I have Ozotic 532 layered over Nails Inc. Baker Street. This combo really brings out the duochrome purple-y-ness underneath the holo. Unfortunately the Ozotic 500 series has been discontinued, but some of them can still be found hiding around the Internet!

And this baby blue gorgeousness is Ludurana Magnifica. I got this from Ninja Polish, who have reasonably priced and fairly quick shipping to Canada. It applied like a jelly, and this is three verrrry easy coats. No special base or top coats required! Just easy, pretty rainbows.

What are your favourite holos this summer?

Friday, 20 July 2012

KBShimmer Vegas Bomb Swatch

I've been absent lately! I've been in a bit of a nail rut - I keep having disaster-manicures, and I've also been getting bogged down in behind-the-scenes stuff, rather than creating and posting content. But no more! I have some good stuff coming, and will be focusing on posting more regularly.

To kick off this new leaf, I have my first KBShimmer polish. I've really been loving her stuff lately, and am so glad that they are now available from Harlow & Co.! There will be a new shipment coming in soon, and I hope to pick up more. Shipping is so fast and free with a purchase of $50. You can also check out KBShimmer on Facebook.

KBShimmer Vegas Bomb has a yellow-tinted jelly base, and is packed. full. of glitter. So much glitter! All the glitter, and all kinds; squares, hexes, bars, itty bitty ones of all colours. These three coats of it provided total coverage, and a sort of all-in-one jelly sandwich effect. And then I added some matte top coat for fun, below:

KBShimmer is currently having a giveaway on her Facebook page. Hurry and enter, it ends very soon!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Summer Stylin': Summer Fun Challenge

This manicure was born of a series of failures, more than anything intentional. But there are lots of gorgeous peacock themed dresses out there, and it would go perfectly with one of those! Also, Dior is a major fashion house, so what's more stylish than that?

I started out with two coats of Dior Waterlily, a gorgeous green shade with subtle shimmer (and it's scented!). I couldn't get it to even out fully on the index and middle fingers, though, so I decided to try stamping it. I vaguely recalled some cool peacock-esque stamping (which turned out to have been

this design from The Polished Perfectionist) that came to mind when I came upon my BM-212 plate, and I chose the peacock-friendly complement of Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. Unfortunately, my nails are very curved, and my stamping never goes quite right! So I filled in the blank spots with a pseudo-Ruffian in the same Pacific Blue. Finally, I dotted some Essie Sexy Divide among the stamped design.

I also tried out the Waterlily with just an accent nail of Pretty & Polished Tuesday Taurus. It took four coats here, but I think I'll also try layering it - maybe on top of Waterlily!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Aquadaisy Shazaam with Elemental Styles Actin-ium My Age

Check out this gorgeous layering of indie purples! Simple but lovely and full of sparkly.

A while back I was driven to purchase Aquadaisy Shazaam after seeing Pointless Cafe's swatches. I can't imagine photographing this gorgeous purple polish so well, so I didn't try! I was in a hurry and threw on one coat of it, which is all you need of this amazing stuff, but the topcoat dragged it a bit so it looked somewhat patchy in direct light. So the next morning, I topped it off with a coat of Elemental Styles Actin-ium My Age. Beautiful sparkliness ensued.

Also, you may have noticed my new watermark! What do you think? I like that it integrates itself into the photo more, but do you think it's too subtle? Let me know!

You can check out Elemental Styles on Facebook, and Aquadaisy, for info on how to get these awesome polishes!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

We Like It Hot, Hot, Hot!: Summer Fun Challenge

Verrry late, but I had a lot of trouble coming up with something original for this one! I wanted it to be really HOT! I landed on a flame manicure that also incorporates a very hot summer trend: neons.

On a base of the intensely red-orange China Glaze Japanese Koi, I freehanded an abstract flame design with China Glaze Sun-Kissed and an Orly red that belongs to my mother, and I can't remember the name of. I dry-brushed on a bit of CND Gold Chrome at the tips to give it a true glowing-ember effect.

This orange just won't photograph quite right, which is a complaint I constantly read about neons. But they just won't glow in the pictures like they do in real life! They have a crazy dis-embodied nail effect which I have grown to love, and will definitely be rocking more of for the summer.

Friday, 6 July 2012

The Big Blue: Summer Fun Challenge

My first real gradient! I'd been putting this off for so long because it looked difficult. I was so wrong! I followed Sammy from The Nailasaurus' awesome tutorial and it went even better than I anticipated. I will definitely be trying this again soon!

It was hard, though, to decide on this in the first place! Today's theme is "The Big Blue," and I've been inspired by the ocean a number of times before (with Hokusai, colour, and texture), so to come up with a new interpretation was a bit of a challenge. I decided on this gradient, which goes from a more Caribbean ocean shade, to the more-familiar Atlantic's deep blue.

On a base of Sinful Colors Aqua, I sponged a gradient of Orly Stone Cold and Julep Megan, and added some glitter "bubbles" by dabbing a bit of Sinful Colors Nail Junkie on the accent nail.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Summer Fun Challenge: Are We There Yet?

And I'm behind again... I finally have some "Hot, Hot, Hot!" nails for you, too, but they'll be coming later today. For now, YESTERDAY'S design, "Are We There Yet?", brings us a special set of guest nails - my dad! He's always sad when I remove the pretty nail art, and he liked my "Hot, Hot, Hot" nails so much that he volunteered his own nails for this design so I could leave that one on!

Road trips are much more bearable with games to pass the time, and few things are easier to play in a car than Hangman!

Using a base of Orly Dayglow, I freehanded the design with Revlon Colorstay Stiletto. The first two nails are the word puzzle, the ring is the quickly-dying hangman, and the pinkie contains the rejected letters that have caused the hangman to reach this state.

Welcome to the world of nail art/hand modeling, Dad!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Polish Days: Jelly Sandwich!

I have become obsessed with jelly sandwiches. I don't even like glitter (I thought), but I guess it had to happen eventually! I recently got two of the OPI Texas jellies, and I've been getting a lot of use out of them! It just looks so squishy and delightful and summer-y, and has a great effect for something so easy to achieve.

A jelly sandwich is what happens when you layer a jelly polish (a sheer, squishy, buildable one) with a glitter, and then put some more jelly on top. So it's like the glitter is suspended inside! I'm excited that my first Polish Day inspired me to try out this awesome technique.

I started with two coats of OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-y?, followed by one coat of Lush Lacquer Salt n' Pepa, and then another coat of DYTIT?


For something so new to me, I've really taken to these! And links from other Polish Days participants will be coming soon, so you can check out lots of other jelly sandwich combination ideas!