Friday, 20 July 2012

KBShimmer Vegas Bomb Swatch

I've been absent lately! I've been in a bit of a nail rut - I keep having disaster-manicures, and I've also been getting bogged down in behind-the-scenes stuff, rather than creating and posting content. But no more! I have some good stuff coming, and will be focusing on posting more regularly.

To kick off this new leaf, I have my first KBShimmer polish. I've really been loving her stuff lately, and am so glad that they are now available from Harlow & Co.! There will be a new shipment coming in soon, and I hope to pick up more. Shipping is so fast and free with a purchase of $50. You can also check out KBShimmer on Facebook.

KBShimmer Vegas Bomb has a yellow-tinted jelly base, and is packed. full. of glitter. So much glitter! All the glitter, and all kinds; squares, hexes, bars, itty bitty ones of all colours. These three coats of it provided total coverage, and a sort of all-in-one jelly sandwich effect. And then I added some matte top coat for fun, below:

KBShimmer is currently having a giveaway on her Facebook page. Hurry and enter, it ends very soon!


  1. I love it! I think I like the jelly finish more than the mat. It's just so much more eyecatching

    1. Thanks! I think you might be right, matte-d glitter just has such a cool (visual) texture!


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