Thursday, 5 July 2012

Summer Fun Challenge: Are We There Yet?

And I'm behind again... I finally have some "Hot, Hot, Hot!" nails for you, too, but they'll be coming later today. For now, YESTERDAY'S design, "Are We There Yet?", brings us a special set of guest nails - my dad! He's always sad when I remove the pretty nail art, and he liked my "Hot, Hot, Hot" nails so much that he volunteered his own nails for this design so I could leave that one on!

Road trips are much more bearable with games to pass the time, and few things are easier to play in a car than Hangman!

Using a base of Orly Dayglow, I freehanded the design with Revlon Colorstay Stiletto. The first two nails are the word puzzle, the ring is the quickly-dying hangman, and the pinkie contains the rejected letters that have caused the hangman to reach this state.

Welcome to the world of nail art/hand modeling, Dad!

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  1. Hihi the hangman^^ I used to play that a lot :)


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