Sunday, 22 July 2012

Summer Holographic Fun with Ludurana and Ozotic

Some foreign polishes for you today! Holos have been really exciting me this summer. They are fun to watch and "play" with in the sunshine, and cheaper than jewelry and diamonds, right?

First I have Ozotic 532 layered over Nails Inc. Baker Street. This combo really brings out the duochrome purple-y-ness underneath the holo. Unfortunately the Ozotic 500 series has been discontinued, but some of them can still be found hiding around the Internet!

And this baby blue gorgeousness is Ludurana Magnifica. I got this from Ninja Polish, who have reasonably priced and fairly quick shipping to Canada. It applied like a jelly, and this is three verrrry easy coats. No special base or top coats required! Just easy, pretty rainbows.

What are your favourite holos this summer?


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    1. Thanks! I have some Jade holos coming my way soon, too, so I'm looking forward to those!

  2. Hello, my name is Jacqueline and I live in Brazil, I met your blog trolling the net and fell in love, as the polish of other countries are beautiful and the enameling of you too.
    I wanted all these Polish to me .. (laughs)
    I'm following you, if you can take a trip around the world and spend it in my corner I will be mega happy ..
    Sorry for the english .. and even there.


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