Friday, 13 July 2012

Summer Stylin': Summer Fun Challenge

This manicure was born of a series of failures, more than anything intentional. But there are lots of gorgeous peacock themed dresses out there, and it would go perfectly with one of those! Also, Dior is a major fashion house, so what's more stylish than that?

I started out with two coats of Dior Waterlily, a gorgeous green shade with subtle shimmer (and it's scented!). I couldn't get it to even out fully on the index and middle fingers, though, so I decided to try stamping it. I vaguely recalled some cool peacock-esque stamping (which turned out to have been

this design from The Polished Perfectionist) that came to mind when I came upon my BM-212 plate, and I chose the peacock-friendly complement of Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. Unfortunately, my nails are very curved, and my stamping never goes quite right! So I filled in the blank spots with a pseudo-Ruffian in the same Pacific Blue. Finally, I dotted some Essie Sexy Divide among the stamped design.

I also tried out the Waterlily with just an accent nail of Pretty & Polished Tuesday Taurus. It took four coats here, but I think I'll also try layering it - maybe on top of Waterlily!

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