Saturday, 25 August 2012

KBShimmer Radioactive

Summer is coming to an abrupt end, and lovely fall polishes surround us, but I'm not ready to let go of my neons just yet.

I'd been coveting KBShimmer's Neon Collection for what felt like a lifetime, and just recently I finally got my hands on my first one. This extraordinarily bright green, the appropriately named KBShimmer Radioactive, is really amazing. It glows in the dark, okay?!

It was also so very bright that it was unusually difficult to photograph. I've tweaked this photo quite a bit to give a better approximation of the actual shade, but it's very hard to reproduce. Trust me, it is made of awesome. This glow-y, neon green has variously shaped and sized black glitters - squares, hexes, bars, shards - swimming around in it, enough to add contrast and interest, without detracting from the effect. I used three coats to make sure there were no patchy bits, and the jelly-ish consistency of the polish held the glitter in an interesting suspension throughout.

Outside the States, you can buy KBShimmer from Harlow & Co.! I definitely would like to pick up more of the Neons at some point! Are you through with neons for the year, yet?

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  1. Hi there! I hope you are having a nice Summer. My name is Michele from the blog Sunshine and Rainbows I have nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog

    I have since joined you blog and I hope that we can stay in touch and be friends for the future. I wish you well with your blog and good luck. Bye for now!

    Michele x


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