Friday, 3 August 2012

Polish, Eh?!? Oh Canada! Swatch

I have something exciting and timely for you today! A brand-new Canadian indie nail polish brand is opening its (virtual) doors today, and I'm thrilled to show you this lovely creation from Polish, Eh?!?

After seeing a photo of Oh Canada! that Janet (the creator) posted in a Facebook group, I talked her into selling me a prototype! I wanted this patriotic polish and was willing to play guinea pig. Because I purchased an early version, she has redesigned this polish slightly for her opening - it will no longer have the red bar glitters. The red bars in my bottle did have a tendency to flop over onto their sides a bit, so I think this change will be for the better. I don't have much experience with bar glitter, though, and I've heard that it is difficult, so I sort of assumed that was just bar glitter being... bar glitter.

I wanted a contrasting base that would make both the red and white really pop. I have a thing for blues, and it is a great complement to red and white, so I popped Oh Canada! on over one coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away! I love that both of these polishes are so enthusiastic that they need exclamation marks in their titles - a match made in heaven?!

These swatches are all one coat of Oh Canada!, though I did do a bit of dabbing to ensure even glitter coverage; there was definitely no trouble getting plenty of glitter out of the bottle, though! And a quick shake will ensure that those lovely white squares make their way onto the brush with ease.

Close-up of Polished, Eh?!? Oh Canada
Oh Canada! contains medium red hex, micro red hex, red bar (but not in the now-for-sale version!), white bar, micro white hex, and large white square glitters, all in a clear base.

I tried a few layering combinations to help me decide on Blue Me Away! These all feature one coat of Oh Canada! over China Glaze Pelican Gray, SHXW Blue Me Away!, SHXW Pacific Blue, Orly Stone Cold, and a black creme.

I love the well-designed labels and high-quality photos that Janet uses on her store, and her customer service is amazing; when I bought this polish (and some for my sister!) there was some confusion as it was over Facebook message, and didn't have the ease and clarity of an Etsy purchase. But Janet was helpful, generous, and quick to make things right!

As of today at noon EST, Polish, Eh?!? nail polishes are for sale in Janet's Etsy store. You can also check out Polish, Eh?!?'s Facebook page for photos and news updates. My next order will definitely include Gumballs; which one is your favourite?

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