Tuesday, 30 October 2012

No Promises

I've been missing for awhile. It's really tempting to apologize and promise I won't let it happen again, but that's just unrealistic, and possibly sort of vain; I don't think that all of you have been waiting desperately for me to post again, but perhaps one or two of you miss seeing my designs a little bit :). The thing is, I'm a grad student, and that reallyreally has to come first; I started blogging because I already loved doing nail art, and wanted to be able to share it with people (other than the people I see through the week, and my parents - who I harass with frequent picture-texts!), but the perfectionist in me got carried away! The way I was blogging took too much time, and was unsustainable once classes started again. I read and heard so much great advice on how to build your blog and readership, but I can't afford for that to be my focus right now!

So I've taken a solid look at my priorities, and my big one? Sharing. My picture quality might not always be awesome, the work might not be perfect, and the posts may be irregular, but I have to let some of that slide so that I can still share something in this very-demanding time. So I hope you'll stick around and check it out - occasionally! I can't promise you anything, but I am still doing my nails, and I'd love to show you my sketchy, unedited iPhone pictures, if nothing else!

Stay tuned :).

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